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Lovin’ la vida Oracle

As we prepare for the week of Oracle OpenWorld 2014, I look back on the 25 years I have spent within the orbit of Oracle Corporation.

I joined Oracle Consulting Services (OCS) as an employee on 15-January 1990 and worked my way to Technical Manager when I resigned to start my own consultancy on 31-July 1998.  I worked as an independent Oracle consultant from then (with a side trip into company-building with friends) until 30-April this year.  On 01-May 2014, I joined startup Delphix.'s picture

#OakTable World at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

WhereChildren’s Creativity Museum, 221 4th St, San Francisco

When:  Mon-Tue, 29-30 September, 08:30 – 17:00 PDT's picture

#CloneAttack at Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Delphix and Dbvisit will be at the OTN Lounge in the lobby of Moscone South from 3:30 – 5:00pm on Monday 29-Sept.  Come join us to hear about #CloneAttack and #RepAttack, two great hands-on learning opportunities.


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The Customer Experience

I’m going to kick this post off by taking sides in a long-standing feud.

Apple is amazing.

There. Edgy, right? Okay, so maybe you don’t agree with me, but you have to admit that a whole lot of people do. Why is that?'s picture

Hello Delphix!

After almost 16 years as an independent consultant, with a couple side-steps into the world of small consulting-services startups, I’ve accepted an offer from Delphix, a startup building the future of information technology, enabling agile data management and storage virtualization.

I’m closing EvDBT as a business, since the employee count will reduce from one to zero, and finishing up my consulting engagements, starting with my new employer on 01-May 2014.

Thank you, EvDBT.  You were my lifeboat and my vehicle to a better career and a better life!

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The Delphix Alchemist?


Alchemists are best known for their (completely fictional and entirely ridiculous, but that’s besides the point) amazing ability to turn lead into gold. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of lead in the Oracle world. Bugs, angry developers, metrics that can seem to elude human understanding…but I digress.

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The High Price of Data

Piggy Bank

You’ve purchased servers, storage space, switches, cables, and countless other pieces of hardware. The Oracle licenses are bought and paid for, Enterprise Edition with a few add-ons. All told, you’ve spent a small fortune on this infrastructure. It’s finally time to start up your database and begin using it for projects…

…Data gathers, and now your cost begins.

A Game of Clones

DBAs and other IT professionals (and sometimes naive executives) can fall into the trap of thinking that the up front costs of application building are all you have to consider for an application. To be honest, a lot of IT professionals don’t even think that far–we need components, we buy them. But the costs pile up far beyond the initial purchase.

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Delphix finalist for UKOUG partners of the year


Delphix  is a finalist for UKOUG partners of the year!

See the finalist at UKOUG finalists for partner of the year

Vote here : UKOUG parnter of the year awards 2013

Also on the list are fellow Oaktable related organizations Scalabilities and Enkitec



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Database Virtualization

What is database virtualization? Database virtualization, as opposed to operating system virtualization, is sharing a read only copy of a source database between clone databases. The clone databases are called virtual databases (also called thin provision clones as distinct from full physical copy clones).  Virtual databases are much more than simple read only databases. The virtual databases can also write to the data files. How can the virtual databases write to the data file when the data files are read only? Writing to the data files is accomplished either through one of two basic mechanisms. Those mechanisms are block pointer copy on write file systems or journal file systems. When a virtual database writes to the data files the changes are not written to the data file but are kept in a private area only visible to that virtual database. Each virtualized database sees what appears to be a private read/write copy of the database.

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