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How to Eliminate Wait Events in Oracle Database?

May 13, 2011 In the last couple of days I have been busy with a couple of non-Oracle Database specific tasks, and I started wondering what types of wait events I might be posting during this time period if I had to report what I was doing.  Waiting on the server to reboot for the 20th time [...]

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How Do You Find Information in the Oracle Documentation Library?

February 22, 2011 A recent thread in the OTN forums mentioned Metalink (MOS) Doc ID 1203353.1 – “How to find Oracle Database Documentation on OTN Web Site” and lists four easy steps for finding information in the Oracle documentation library, with the starting point being this link.  I think that it is great having the [...]

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Single Sign-On Security Issue in Patchset

November 18, 2010 I just browsed though Metalink (MOS) to see which operating system platforms are currently supported for Oracle Database  I noticed that the patchset for 64 bit Linux was updated yesterday, and more digging revealed that all of the patches for the other supported operating systems were also recently updated. Take [...]

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November 2, 2010 (Updated November 3, 2010) An interesting ODBC problem was brought to my attention yesterday regarding the Microsoft Access 2010 program and the Oracle Database ODBC client.  What is the problem?  The person reported that they were trying to update a table in a Oracle Database using values from a database [...]

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