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Oracle database filesystem (DBFS) done the easy way!

I was introduced to the database filesystem by Kevin Closson during an Exadata seminar. At first it struck me as a little odd. What could be a valid reason to store files or a filesystem inside the database? When doing research on the internet, I found a description for setup on Tim’s Oracle Base website. [...]

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Cloning prior to patching/upgrading/CPU: what do you do?

In addition to my previous post about cloning, please tell me your experiences and practices. What do you do when altering your Oracle database software? I think a home name should include a FULL version number (so instead of 11.2.0) to indicate the version of the home. If you strictly clone the home before [...]

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Cloning your Oracle database software installation

With the coming of the binary version of the installer repository (with Oracle 9 if my memory serves me well), some things changed which did not make everybody happy. The biggest disappointment of most people: it was not supported to tar (or zip, cpio, whatever) your Oracle installation and put it in another place. This [...]

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