SQL Server

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I wish .. (1)

I pointed out some time ago a few of the things in SQL Server that I would like to see in Oracle. Here’s a couple more: Executions Plans Insert, update, and delete execution plans show the indexed access paths used to check the side effects of referential integrity constraints. (I haven’t  checked to see what [...]

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SQL Server 3

I haven’t had much spare time for writing this week – although I’ve got about 45 drafts of notes to publish – but Simpletalk have just published the “learning SQL Server” paper I sent them a couple of weeks ago, and it’s worth a link. Filed under: SQL Server

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Back from MOW

My trip back from Miracle Open World was extremely uneventful compared to the travail (and travel) of most of the foreign speakers who were there – 13 hours across five trains to get from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, and the worst delay was a train arriving 30 second late in Osnabruck.  Then the airports reopened before [...]

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