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Fast-Start Failover for Maximum Protection in #Oracle 12c

Fast-Start Failover is supported with Maximum Protection in 12cR2. Also Multiple Observers can now monitor the same Data Guard Configuration simultaneously. I will show both in this article. Starting with a (Multitenant) Primary in Maximum Protection mode with two Standby Databases. It is still not recommended to have the highest protection mode configured with only one standby. So this is my starting point:

DGMGRL> show configuration;

Configuration - myconf

Protection Mode: MaxProtection
cdb1 - Primary database
cdb1sb - Physical standby database
cdb1sb2 - Physical standby database

Fast-Start Failover: DISABLED

Configuration Status:
SUCCESS (status updated 57 seconds ago)

All three databases have flashback turned on. I want to have a setup like this in the end:

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Auto Sync for Password Files in #Oracle 12c Data Guard

sync 600w,

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Real-Time Materialized Views in #Oracle 12c

helps 600w, https://uh

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How to move Partitions ONLINE and make them READ ONLY in #Oracle 12c


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Hot cloning and refreshing PDBs in #Oracle 12cR2

Hot cloning PDBs is new in 12.2, so you don’t have to put the source PDB into READ ONLY mode before the cloning if you have it in local undo mode. I suppose shared undo mode will become very unpopular. Another 12.2 New Feature is the option to clone a PDB that can be refreshed from the source PDB. I will show both features with this article, but you may of course do hot cloning without a later refresh. In this case, just leave out the REFRESH MANUAL clause and you don’t have to OPEN READ ONLY the cloned PDB afterwards. On a high level, what I demonstrate is this:

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Happy New YouTube Channel!

As announced, I start into 2017 with my own YouTube channel. You can access it at the right upper part of this site by clicking on the red icon:

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Happy New Year 2017!


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How to upgrade a Pluggable Database to 12cR2 in #Oracle

plugin 1

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How to configure FLASHBACK in #Oracle

flash 600w, https://uhesse.files

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