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APEX 4.0 Websheets are Cool!

Wow! I just finished presenting a webinar on APEX 4.0 New Features and Websheets. Websheets allow non-technical people to copy-and-paste spreadsheets into APEX and then manipulate them using sophisticated database features; so easy… You can see the webinar slides at http://www.parklane.com.au or http://www.kingtraining.com

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It has gone really quiet!

Yes, it has, and I’m really sorry but at the moment all the blog writing has to take a lower priority. I am working very hard to finish my chapters of the upcoming  Pro Oracle Database 11g RAC on Linux, which turned out to be a lot more work than I expected. The last chapter I have to write from scratch is about ASM, and it’s again a meaty one. Luckily the first draft is complete and I sent it to Apress for review and the usual editorial work.

I so decided to quit my daytime job to focus entirely on the book, which I’d like to see released between Open World and the UKOUG conference this year.

Once completed, I intend to become a freelance Oracle database consultant, specialising on RAC (no surprises here!) and Oracle 11.2 upgrades. I am available from mid September (the first 4 weeks are already booked!) if you like-just contact me!

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There are only three join mechanisms used by Oracle: merge join, hash join and nested loop join. Here’s an important thought: all three join methods are nested loop joins with different startup cost. Discuss. (I’ll be saying more about this in about a week’s time.) And while I’m asking questions: what’s the perfect tense of [...]

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New Outfit, New Style

Back on June 17th WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” was released and it offered up a handful of new features. Just a few days ago (July 29th) the 3.0.1 release went GA so I decided it was time to investigate what the new 3.0 ready themes had to offer. After looking through a handful of themes I decided to give the Magazine Basic theme a try for now. It offered a 1024 pixel wide layout and threaded comments; two of the features I was really looking for.  Feel free to share your comments: good, bad or otherwise.  Thanks! Here is a capture of the previous version just in case you don’t recall what it looked like (click for full size).

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Scalability Conflict

Here’s an example of how you have to think about conflicts of interest when dealing with problems of scalability. It starts with a request (that I won’t give in detail, and was a little different from the shape I describe below)  from a client for advice on how to make a query go faster. Basic [...]

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On the difficulties of Migrations – Especially to new Blogs

I haven’t posted here in a log while. That’s because I’ve been posting all my stories and ideas over at the Pythian blog.

I knew that migrations are one of the most difficult tasks in IT operations, but I did not realize this also applies to blogs. Yesterday, Alex helped me look at the blog statistics over at the Pythian blog and it turns out that over there I have about 10% of the readers that I had over here. While I’m just as brilliant in the Pythian blog as I was here, I guess that with all the old links, google ranks and people not changing their RSS subscriptions – blog locations have a lot more momentum than I suspected.

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Featured Blog

From time to time I add links to my blog list, but highlight for a few days with  a blog posting as well.  I’ve just been browsing through http://gavinsoorma.com and it’s probably worth keeping an eye on it – especially if you’re   getting to grips with Goldengate. Filed under: Uncategorized

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Mass Agent Deployments

This is just a short update on the prerequisites, especially firewall port requirements that you will need to ensure agent deployments in Enterprise Manager Grid Control work correctly. This is not well documented in the install manual. Chapter 9 of the advanced installation guide contains the basic requirements. It however misses out some basics. This [...]

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Technology isn’t the answer

Sometimes I wonder about our industry. We seem so keen to promote silver bullets and technology solutions to what are at heart human problems. This blog post by an excellent technologist at Oracle rather illustrates the problem for me. The British security services, rather embarrasingly, hired a spook who turned out to be guided by voices in [...]

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Backward Compatability

Backward Compatability is a very big technological driver. Especially for software companies like Oracle that have customers with a large installed base of users who rely on expensive functionality that they have purchased. When companies invest in software it is usually for very good business reasons and they expect that software to carry on doing [...]

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