#DOAG2018 Impressions

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As every year in November, the database circus moved to Nuremberg on behalf of the annual DOAG conference. As you may know, this conference has very high standards in terms of turnout and top-notch speakers and it reached them once again: It was a great event!

It started with the welcome keynote where Stefan Kinnen told us that the conference attracted over 2000 attendees and more than 400 speakers from all over the world. That should make it the largest database conference in Europe, I suppose!

https://uhesse.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/doag_keynote.jpeg?w=1240&h=698 1240w, https://uhesse.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/doag_keynote.jpeg?w=150&h=84 150w, https://uhesse.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/doag_keynote.jpeg?w=300&h=169 300w, https://uhesse.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/doag_keynote.jpeg?w=768&h=432 768w, https://uhesse.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/doag_keynote.jpeg?w=1024&h=576 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px" />

DOAG welcome keynote (Stefan Kinnen speaking)

I went on to attend Tirthankar Lahiri who presented about the In-Memory column store:

To me, the In-Memory expressions and In-Memory external tables sounded particular useful here.

Next talk was done by Martin Widlake about Performance Tuning:

https://uhesse.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/martin.jpg?w=150&h=84 150w, https://uhesse.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/martin.jpg?w=300&h=169 300w, https://uhesse.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/martin.jpg?w=768&h=432 768w, https://uhesse.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/martin.jpg 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px" />

Martin Widlake walking on stage

I liked his statement that in order to solve performance problems, the key skill you need is not technical in the first place, but more of a social nature: You need to thoroughly understand the problem and listen carefully. Secondly, some technical expertise is helpful, of course </p />
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