EM13c Upgrade Tips- Part II

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There is a flurry of excitement about Enterprise Manager 13c and I’m blown away by how many customers are looking not just to install and test out the new release, but have plans already underway to upgrade to it.  At Oracle, we’re covering a lot of information that will help make that upgrade easier and I want to make sure I share what we learn with the public so you can be as cool about upgrades as we are.


Your Repository is Going to be a Single Tenant Database 12c

  • You MUST upgrade your repository, (OMR) to
  • Also plan on applying the latest Bundle patch to the database, don’t just take the base installation and think you’re done.  There were important updates in the bundle patch.
  • Upgrade your software only vs. upgrading both software and database at once, then upgrade the repository later, which will decrease downtime.  This is done by running $OMR_HOME/sysman/install/ConfigureGC.sh at the time of actual repository upgrade.

I Have a LOT of Agents to Upgrade!

  • Consider retaining your agent at and then upgrade them to 13c agent post your initial upgrade process.
  • This can save you downtime and you can even automate this if you have provisioning and patching with DBLM.
  • Utilize the Gold Agent Image to simplify and ensure you possess a unified agent environment.  It allows mass update of all agents to “gold image” which is very cool!

New 13c Plugins, Too

  • With the infrastructure changes to EM13c, a requirement for plugin rewrites were also required.  New plugins for 13c are being released almost daily, so verify the ones you need are available before upgrading.
  • Remember to remove any plugins that are decommissioned, (obsolete.)  This includes Exalogic Elastic Cloud Infrastructure and EMC Symmetrix Array.

I’m going to have a lot more tips and tricks, but these are three topics to add to your list as you plan your own Enterprise Manager 13c upgrade!


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