The Expendables 3

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It’s a holiday weekend and I just got back from watching The Expendables 3.

OK. You don’t go to a film like this expecting an Oscar winning script, but come on! During the end credits, when it said “Story by Sylvester Stallone”, I thought of a scene from Boogie Nights where they discus the plot of an adult movie about 30 seconds before they start to shoot, which goes something like this…

“Enter Reed to audition for Amber. They go at it.

Dirk enters. Meets with Becky. They go at it.”

In the case of The Expendables 3, the same sort of thing must have happened, but something like this…

“Sylvestor enters the room. He shoots sh*t up..

Terry Crews enters. Sees the bad guys. Shoots sh*t up.”

It’s also worth remembering that physics works completely different in The Expendables 3 world… :)

That aside, it’s a good laugh. I’m not really sure how they can sustain the series, because really this is just a rehash of the previous two. Actually, you could probably just rearrange the fight scenes from these three films to create “new” films every year for a while. That way you wouldn’t even had to waste time filming…

Antonio Banderas, who was described by a lady behind me as, “… so damn sexy!”, played the only character that had any sort of back-story, but I always think of that cat from Shrek when I hear his voice… :)



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