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@pdevisser @MDWidlake Hah! Nowadays I get called when someone else can't restore, I don't do the restores myself. — 16 hours 55 min ago
@martinberx @acolvin heh, @acolvin is right, the OJVM patch is mentioned being rolling installable, but the main patch isn't :-D — 17 hours 1 min ago
@MDWidlake Heh, one of my favourite things to mention: rehearse restores and recoveries with a certain interval. R… hours 6 min ago
@acolvin @tmmdv hours 42 min ago
@freebsdfrau @ora600pl @OracleSK This is what has been told to me from Oracle indeed, it's a language using native linux tools. — 17 hours 45 min ago
@freebsdfrau @ora600pl @OracleSK So you are saying linux dtrace is bpftrace? I know linux dtrace is sitting on top… hours 26 min ago
@oraclebase @dominic_giles wait....this one is using an oracle database to benchmark an oracle client... — 1 day 10 hours ago
@oraclebase @dominic_giles You know, there is this guy in the US who has totally copied your idea, better sue him first. — 1 day 10 hours ago
@oraclebase @dominic_giles You too? I am building BingSwench! — 1 day 10 hours ago
@ora600pl @OracleSK Does anyone know if this truly means you fully can probe userland? And how compatible it is wit… day 13 hours ago
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