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@jessicaewest Functional pockets in women's clothing...the last frontier. :) — 4 hours 25 min ago
@jessicaewest I commonly say, choose to compliment women for the tech and brains they bring to what they do for a l… https://t.co/5fz3qbtjVe4 hours 53 min ago
I'm going to use this video to explain how I architect systems to my non-technical family members... #GirlGeekLife https://t.co/0NdwgeD0SE4 hours 55 min ago
Done! :) https://t.co/GwKFcvGVMV5 hours 27 min ago
@jdanton I know, right? People always ask me why I just block people and won't try to talk to them. I think it's… https://t.co/vBCGdq7oD96 hours 28 min ago
@BornSQL I'm a bad influence to everyone I meet... :) — 6 hours 30 min ago
@jeffrush You're biggest challenge is getting them to acknowledge that they did mansplain. I thought it was pretty… https://t.co/eu0554Ptue6 hours 30 min ago
@BornSQL Every time I'm reminded of that, scares the hell out of me. :( — 6 hours 33 min ago
I thought it was funny that some guys mansplained on FB and jokingly stated he'd done it, ending it with "LOL". I… https://t.co/WsXNTjZyBj6 hours 35 min ago
Siphon: Streaming data ingestion with Apache Kafka https://t.co/z1ySRwvvEo10 hours 34 min ago
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