dbakevlar's tweets

Pupper morning nap... https://t.co/gLUP2pfya92 hours 16 min ago
@swesley_perth Thank you! — 2 hours 42 min ago
Happy Easter, peeps! https://t.co/VOhzx8NUcu2 hours 42 min ago
Comprehensive Repository of Data Science and ML Resources https://t.co/h6ftBN8YFz3 hours 47 min ago
How to get started with Visual Studio 2019: The best new features whatever your programming language — 7 hours 47 min ago
@thatjeffsmith @erikdarlingdata @TimGormanTech I like variety. Keeping my Scotch whisky in the mix...:) — 13 hours 58 min ago
@thatjeffsmith @erikdarlingdata @TimGormanTech And in opioids? — 14 hours 33 min ago
@AdamBowenToday I run off to Raleigh this week, but get to enjoy Lexington until then! — 14 hours 33 min ago
@thatjeffsmith @erikdarlingdata @TimGormanTech Quantity does not quality make. — 14 hours 34 min ago
@AdamBowenToday Just a week! — 14 hours 36 min ago
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