Uwe Hesse's tweets

Why and how to use Materialized Views in #Oracle: https://t.co/kILJbW7AYc It's all on https://t.co/jpLJM0RkaU https://t.co/baNiq1xBNF14 hours 58 min ago
Getting started with #Exasol on #AWS https://t.co/vl3emoGrKM It's all on https://t.co/jpLJM0RkaU #Cloud #Database… https://t.co/8DbzvzCLRE18 hours 2 min ago
Getting started with #Exasol on #AWS https://t.co/HiGWTDE5UQ https://t.co/uF5hS7xlwb1 day 11 hours ago
Why you cannot use #Oracle's SQL Developer to connect to #Exasol https://t.co/oPuxvQrkaB https://t.co/PIaDSozOK81 day 12 hours ago
How to use the SQL Tuning Advisor on the Command Line: https://t.co/ci137MhD9q It's all on https://t.co/jpLJM0RkaU… https://t.co/FUPPukBakF1 day 16 hours ago
How to retrieve SQL and Execution Plan from AWR Snapshots: https://t.co/PzXhH3gISO It's all on… https://t.co/jtooNjY0dr1 day 17 hours ago
How to detect and recover corrupted blocks in #Oracle: https://t.co/9wGibwQjVR It's all on https://t.co/jpLJM0RkaU https://t.co/GA49mzeprC1 day 18 hours ago
Reorganizing Tables in #Oracle https://t.co/xn6PP5KTXN (7.44 Minutes) It's all on https://t.co/jpLJM0RkaU https://t.co/A9x97fMcNC2 days 11 hours ago
We're going to the stock market in 2020! #Exasol #Analytics #IPO https://t.co/o5rINjhzmF2 days 11 hours ago
Check out this blog https://t.co/cDmibkH808 of Vitaly Markov. He got elected as one of the #Exasol Xperts for good… https://t.co/IIrzkqJzmL2 days 15 hours ago
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