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RT @GCPcloud: Jumpstart the migration of applications that have been holding back your cloud adoption with Bare Metal Solution. Learn more… — 32 weeks 4 days ago
A casino had their high roller data stolen through (wait for it...) an Internet-connected fish tank --… year 42 weeks ago
"Software is insecure because the market is not willing to pay for quality software." --@schneierblog @Tehama_io1 year 42 weeks ago
The @SREWorkbook, the more practical, hands-on followup to the original #SRE book, is available for free PDF downlo… year 47 weeks ago
I had the pleasure of working with @AlexFatkulin on several projects, and was impressed by his intelligence, abilit… year 47 weeks ago
Wise words about performance troubleshooting from @tmmdv @RMOUG_ORG #TD18 years 19 weeks ago
How do you troubleshoot performance of an uninstrumented java app? @tmmdv 's profiler aggregates thread dumps to g… years 19 weeks ago
Coming up at 2:45: Secure your database by taking out the passwords, room Standley 1. Unlock the power of SSL cert… years 19 weeks ago
The answer: taking advantage of a correlated surrogate key to reorder PK columns so that query predicates are in le… years 19 weeks ago
@amitzil shows us how he speeds up SQL execution time by a factor of 30 @RMOUG_ORG #td18 years 19 weeks ago
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