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@OrlaClancy @The_UnSilent_ Everyone would be better off if they simply got paid an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work... — 7 hours 57 min ago
@ALeague @FFA So FFA thinks “expansion” is 2 new teams in cities that already have 2 teams !! Seriously, what a jok… hours 1 min ago
@punnycat_is_me @The_UnSilent_ That’s terrible. I feel so sorry for your situation, it’s a broken system that doesn… hours 22 min ago
@brax10lawhead That’s my whole point, there’s something wrong with the system if someone isn’t paid enough to survi… hours 34 min ago
@Acosta That Cohen is going to prison for actions at the direct request of Trump, ooops I mean Individual 1, must s… hours 5 min ago
@bhavani021 And thanks for the nice feedback, so glad you enjoyed the webinar — 1 day 11 hours ago
@bhavani021 Yes, there will be a webinar class coming. One of the nice things with the at customer site events is t… day 11 hours ago
Very excited to say my new "Oracle Database Performance Diagnosis and Tuning” seminar is nearing completion with th… day 11 hours ago
I’ve had a number of correspondences asking when I’ll write up the next David Bowie album in my countdown. The next… day 11 hours ago
@MatthiasRogel @sqldaily No it isn't, there are a few in the same "family" of hints. Hope I didn't say anywhere that it was. — 1 day 12 hours ago
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