Richard Foote's tweets

@realDonaldTrump We only hire the BEST people. THE BEST... — 14 hours 39 min ago
@jeffreykemp Yes, cut 'n' paste is how I do much of my posting, but the formatted coding parts can go astray. But a… hours 34 min ago
@amardeep_sidhu Unfortunately, free Wordpress doesn't allow plug-ins. But all sorted finally with an easy, if not s… hours 12 min ago
@DBoriented Unfortunately, free Wordpress doesn't allow plug-ins. Fortunately, Wordpress support have come to the r… hours 14 min ago
Oracle 19c Automatic Indexing: My First Auto Index (Absolute Beginners) hours 17 min ago
If anyone is wondering why I haven't blogged recently, my Wordpress blog has started using block formatting and it'… hours 10 min ago
@shivenracdba People also call me a lot worse, I can tell you — 1 day 3 hours ago
@sfonplsql Thanks, really looking to catching up and what will be my first Oracle OpenWorld in 9 years — 1 day 15 hours ago
@DineshParva I would strongly recommend registering via the session catalog for sessions of choice as some do fill… day 16 hours ago
It was sooooo hard to cut down my Automatic Indexing content to just a 45 min presentation. You would think it’s al… day 16 hours ago
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