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Please @oraclecloud, can you update about this unplanned outage notified 2 days ago without an end date and no furt… hours 14 min ago
RT @lukaseder: “The implementation of a blockchain solution may require major changes in a company’s processes” No. No. No. Technology doe… — 10 hours 27 min ago
@sfonplsql @OraclePDB That’s the problem with twitter. Cannot update. Need to delete and insert. (Iike #postgres MVCC :) — 12 hours 47 min ago
@tokarm I suppose yes in but sure not in — 15 hours 11 min ago
Here is a 2 days Multitenant workshop @dbiservices #noslides #exercisesOnly hours 29 min ago
@phurley @OracleDatabase Argh, yes. I’ve re-read 3 times bcz I was sure a typo was there :( thanks — 19 hours 15 min ago
@drune In workshop labs, Good ;) when it comes to licenced environment, the cost of multi-PDB slows down the adoption... — 20 hours 34 min ago
Learned today while giving multitenant workshop: save state is not only for PDB state but also for started services… hours 6 min ago
@amitzil @OracleDatabase opatch lspatches and dbms_qopatch.get_sqlpatch_status shows the history. I hope that 18c w… day 1 hour ago
A nice demo of Application Containers to understand the concept day 2 hours ago