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I just published Oracle 19c Hint Usage reporting with some examples hours 1 min ago
A lucky guy will be able to: CALL -151 C030 L and hear this awesome click from the speaker — 14 hours 39 min ago
@martinberx @amitzil People are proud to use lot of resources and always want more. It should be the opposite. In l… hours 29 min ago
RT @JLOracle: I've raised a petition on proposing a referedum to decide whether to hold a 2nd Brexit referendum. I… — 17 hours 54 min ago
@YingjunWu @andy_pavlo @vlad_mihalcea @joy_arulraj @dbinmemory Yes, and even on one product there are many alternat… hours 26 min ago
@vlad_mihalcea @andy_pavlo @YingjunWu @joy_arulraj I've read this paper again. Several things are different about O… hours 41 min ago
our world is still scary, but it seems there's some progress... day 19 min ago
OOW19 San Francisco @oracleopenworld is already there opened until March 13 Companies who… day 14 hours ago
#ADG #19c DML redirect runs the insert/update/delete on the primary through a database link and waits to get the sy… day 15 hours ago
@pewu78 Maybe I knew and I forgot as I'm sure I have read this ex-colleague post: day 17 hours ago
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