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RT @AndrewSayer_: Had an issue with timezone files even after making sure the 12.1 home had the appropriate patches (v$timezone_file return… — 19 hours 29 min ago
@sfonplsql @petefinnigan Must .. resist .. temptation .. to .. start .. tweet .. with: "When I were a lad ..." or… hours 51 min ago
Good presentation. hours 50 min ago
RT @oraclebase: Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13.3 Vagrant Build hours 50 min ago
RT @ChrisAntognini: How to carry out an ASH wait chain analysis? At @tvdpdays @TanelPoder explains it. #tvdpdays hours 51 min ago
@SEPEHR_NA_0533 @FranckPachot It's the default behaviour, and almost always done that way. It extends (Oracle's) op… hours 13 min ago
RT @phurley: Look at this packed agenda It's the @ukoug multi-stream Tech Summit in 2 weeks hours 16 min ago
For those who missed the tweet earlier on today: day 14 hours ago
I forgot to tweet about this yesterday - decisions that should be made in the front-end code often cause problems t… day 19 hours ago
@premiumcredit @GroveandDean @premiumcredit Thank you for your letter, dated 17th June and arriving this morning, i… day 21 hours ago
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