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@oraclebase Don't use a machine, do it by hand. that way you can claim the 10 minutes exercise has earned you the r… hours 9 min ago
@connor_mc_d @JamesMorle At least you have zeros in the CPU%. I often find Firefox totalling 15% of the CPU across… hours 43 min ago
RT @gokhanatil: New blog post of @JLOracle: Histogram Hassle #oracle — 1 day 23 hours ago
@MDWidlake That was YODA, surely. — 2 days 9 hours ago
@MDWidlake Remember - my secret identify is Darth Vader: days 11 hours ago
@MDWidlake Just checking through my daughter's extensive collection - you may be in for trouble at the next LOB or… days 12 hours ago
@MDWidlake So how many other beanie babies have you collected - and who else do they remind you of ? — 3 days 13 hours ago
@connor_mc_d I did a lookup up of eucalypt when you tweeted this, and now Google thinks I should plant one in my back garden! — 3 days 16 hours ago
@fritshoogland Does that mean v$sql_shared_memory is broken too ? — 4 days 15 hours ago
@FranckPachot @MohamedHouri For Oracle the optimizer's cost calculation would probably be higher for the non-unique… days 17 hours ago